With 40 years experience we know we can build the garden of your dreams.

We are a local Liverpool landscaping business and have been in this industry since 1977. Our Design Service blends the customer's thoughts with our own imaginative design ideas. We find our experience helps us to perceive our customer likes and dislikes s which helps us to understand our customer needs and requirements.

We are an independent company and design with products and natural materials that we believe are best suited and will enhance the design and over all finish to the particular garden we are building. We are not influenced or sponsored by any particular building merchants and are therefore not forced to design with any particular materials in mind and can better guarantee value for money.

Here at Allerton Landscaping Services we have a found that a personal intimate service is a better way to go. With that in mind we focus on quality of work and customer satisfaction as the main priorities in everything we do. No work is sub contracted and Dave Ardren, the proprietor, has a hands on involvement with all projects to ensure the integrity and quality of the project is retained.

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Our Story

Here at Allerton Landscaping Services we like to let are own experience and quality of work speak for itself. With approximately 2000 projects completed since 1981 we have own history and reputation. Locally I believe our sign boards are quite well known (green 4ft x 4ft with white lettering) as they are regularly mentioned to me by various people in passing, My staff and I have worn are navy blue work shirts with the yellow Allerton name for over 20 years, My blue vehicles with the yellow www.allertonlandscapes.co.uk were also widely recognisable.

I started work in the Grosvenor garden centre, West Derby, when I was eighteen. At the age of twenty two I decided to start out on my own and quickly I found I had a talent for design. I went computerised in 1997 and immediately put my drawing board away and started using CAD for my designs, I introduced the 3D Models in 2008, these help massively in explaining to my customers what my design ideas will look like when built. With the 3D models I can walk you through any of my designs and see them from any angle, even the views through your windows

When I’m designing I like to design with the individual garden and the customer's needs in mind, I don't listen to any design ideas from my customers until I have completed my first design. I do have a chat with them and find out how they wish to use the garden and if there are any particular features required but I strongly point out that I don’t want to hear their design ideas at this stage as they it may influence my design if I have preconceived any ideas. I like to start with a truly blank canvass on which to work my design ideas. Once my first design is completed I then show the design to my customer and I then listen to their ideas. More often than not the customer is happy with what I have come up with and, bar a few tweaks here and there, my first design idea is generally the one that works. I generally design and build traditional gardens with traditional features rather than use pre-built or modular type products. I love working with natural materials and generally my designs lean towards a more traditional type of design.